Collection/Replacement of NYSC Certificate


1. Modalities for the collection of Certificate of National Service

  • Certificate of National Service is issued to State Secretariats at the Directorate headquarters through the State Certification Officers thrice a year for delivery to deserving Corps members.
  • Only Corps members duly discharged from National Service and Certificated on presentation of letters of clearance from employers, CDS Inspectors and I.D card are issued with Certificates.
  • Those who benefited from WAP loan facility are issued theirs on full repayment of the loans.
  • Corps members with pending disciplinary case(s) are not certificated until he/she is cleared.


In the case of loss of Certificate of Exemption, the following steps are to be taken.

  • Police Extract/Report
  • Court Affidavit
  • Letter of Introduction from where the Ex-Corps member is discharged i.e. State of Service
  • Where available, a copy of the lost Certificate

It is the policy of the Scheme not to reprint lost or burnt Certificates. Letters of Confirmation are issued instead.


Upon noticing any error on your Certificate, return it immediately to the State Certification Officer for possible correction where the error is traceable to NYSC. Certificates are produced based on what the Ex-Corps member penned on the format during the orientation exercise. 

In case you are to proceed to NYSC NDHQ for collection of corrected Certificate, the following are required of you.

  • Letter of Introduction from the NYSC State Secretariat addressed to the Director-General.
  • Handwritten application.
  • Valid I.D Card

NOTE: Certificate of National Service is not issued by proxy.

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Collection Replacement of NYSC Certificate


Source: NYSC

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