Collection/replacement of collection of national certificates is very essential. This certificate of national service is the reason people embark on a one-year journey outside their comfort zone.

The country has placed great value on this certificate and this is why arguably, no company, institution, industry, or firm will employ you without this certificate in question.

This certificate of national service is commonly referred to as the NYSC Discharge certificate.

This certificate is awarded to deserving corps members after the one-year service program.

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To collect the certificate of national service (discharge certificate) you must have successfully conquered the four cardinal programs of the NYSC scheme which are:

Orientation course:

For all Nigerian graduates conscripted for National Service, the Orientation Training is a must. The course lasts three weeks and takes place at the start of the Service year. It includes drills, lectures, and physical training, among other things.

A Swearing-in Ceremony is usually presided over by the Executive Governor of the deployment state. This ceremony kicks off the Orientation Training. The State's Chief Judge administers the pledge of allegiance and the National Pledge.

During the orientation session, Corps Members are expected to participate in social events that allow them to interact.

They compete in Dance and Drama, Miss NYSC and Mr. Macho, Inter-platoon Drill Competitions, Football Matches, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Cooking, and Sanitation Competitions. They also dabble in Skills Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development commonly called “SAED”.

They also engage in other activities such as Man 'O' War Citizenship and Leadership training.

Primary assignment:

Corps members are posted to their place of primary assignment (PPA). This is immediately after the passing out ceremony at the end of the three-week orientation course.

They are expected to work full-time at their place of primary assignment, with the exception of one working day set aside for Community Development Service execution (CDS).


In carrying out the posting process, NYSC Management considers the areas of specialization of Corps members.

Corps members are posted into the following sectors: Agriculture, Education, Health, and Infrastructure.

Community development service (CDs): 

The Community Development Service aims to tap into Corps members' creativity and inventive abilities. Corps members are expected to identify the many needs of their host communities and mobilize residents of the communities to participate in initiatives that will solve those needs.


Many Corps workers were able to build bridges, health care centers, bore-hole draining, and other structures through the Community Development Service.

They also move around sensitizing members of the community on important topics such as HIV, child trafficking, drug abuse, and misuse, among others.

Winding-up/passing-out ceremony: 

This is the time when Corps members provide their Zonal and Local Government Inspectors with their final clearance letters from their employers.

Final parade rehearsals are held in preparation for the handing out ceremony, which is normally presided over by the state's executive governor.


During the ceremony, members of the Corps who have excelled during their service year are presented with the State Honors Award.


To be eligible for a Merit Award, a Corps member must have excelled in all the four cardinal programs of the scheme.


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2 ) Modalities for the collection of Certificate of National Service (Discharge certificate)

  1. The State Certification Officers at the Directorate headquarters award Certificates of National Service to State Secretariats three times a year for distribution to qualifying Corps members. 


  1.  Certificates are provided only to Corps members who have been duly dismissed from National Service and who have presented letters of clearance from their employers, CDS Inspectors, and their I.D card.


  1. Those who benefited from the WAP lending facility will receive theirs once the loans have been fully repaid. 


  1. Members of the Corps who have unresolved disciplinary cases are not eligible for certification until they have been cleared. 
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3 )      Replacement of Certificate of National Service

  • In the case of loss of Certificate of national service, the following steps are to be taken.
  • Police Extract/Report 
  • Court Affidavit 
  • Letter of Introduction from where the Ex-Corps member is discharged i.e., State of Service 
  • Where available, a copy of the lost Certificate


The Scheme has a policy of not reprinting lost or burnt Certificates. Letters of Confirmation are issued instead.

          Error in Certificate

If you find a problem with your certificate, report it to the State Certification Officer as soon as possible for repair if the error can be traced back to NYSC.

Ex-Corps members' information on the format during the orientation exercise is used to create certificates.

If you want to go to NYSC NDHQ to get your corrected certificate, you must have the following items with you: 

  • Letter of introduction to the Director-General from the NYSC State Secretariat.
  •  An application that is handwritten.
  •  A valid photo identification card.

NOTE: Certificate of National Service must be collected personally.

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