How to Earn Extra Money as a Serving Corps Member


It is no longer news that the monthly allowance allocated to corps members by the federal government as well as the stipends paid by the state government(in some states) is not enough especially for those who have financial obligations.

To be comfortable as a serving corps member, one would have to skill up, harness already acquired skills, venture into a business, or continue calling home for assistance. 

If you have chosen not to call home, that is a very good decision. In this article, we will be guiding you through what to do and how to extra cash as a serving corp member.


How to Earn Extra Income as a Serving Corp Member

 1. Private Lessons


This is a very common and convenient practice among Corps Members especially those teaching in schools. 


You can meet with parents and/or your principal to plan and schedule extra lessons. 


Apart from the usual evening lessons, you can also plan for holiday classes.


You can as well prepare students for JSSCE, WASSCE, JAMB Examination, NECO, GCE, etc. by arranging for a center and collaborating with other Corps members.


2. Fashion Design and Tailoring 


For those that acquire design skills or tailoring while in school or before starting school, this would really pay off. 


You can start by advertising your skills in various CDS GROUPS to your colleagues. Corps members love to patronize themselves.


3. Writing


There are many opportunities for good writers. You can work conveniently as a freelance writer online by applying on freelancer to bid for writing jobs. 


Apart from that, you can assist undergraduates to write their projects for a fee or write for local publications or journals and earn some cash. 


4. Retail Sales


If you conduct a feasibility study in your environment, you can identify a need and satisfy it. By so doing, you will earn extra cash income. 


You can deal with shoes, wristwatches, phone accessories, etc. feminine accessories are most rewarding.


5. Photography


If you have a standard still or motion camera, it is advisable you carry it along to your state of deployment. You can make extra income during weekends or holidays.


6. Digital Graphics Design 


In the course of studies in school, you may have done graphics designs and become good at it. Do not waste such skills while serving. 


Be creative and promote it and you will be surprised at what could become of it.


7. Agriculture


This is for the few that did not lobby their way to the city.

Serving in a local area has its advantages, one of which is free access to fertile and cheap farmland. 


Some corps members do take advantage of this and invest in Agriculture. Likes of fish farm, poultry farm, crop planting, etc. and they reap bountifully.


8. Music Performance


For good singers and instrumentalists, you know you can make money with your talent. 


Musical events are very common, especially in Southern Nigeria and your skills are quite lucrative. Corps members have hangouts, birthdays, pop parties, etc.


9. Confectionaries


The small chops you make at home such as fish pie, sausage rolls, cupcakes, etc. are a great source of extra cash, especially for those whose PPA is a school.


Discuss with the principal and supply your chops to the school canteen.


10. Bulk SMS Service

Yes, you heard me Bulk SMS Service! I know it sounds unfamiliar but this is what you do.

It is obvious we live in a competitive society where firms, companies, and establishments look for means to outrun each other, and one of the ways they achieve this is through the above service. 

Through this service, they send reminders, messages, and greetings to their clients and customers. Now, this is how you come in.

Because of their busy schedule, they need someone to take the burden off them while some do not even know about the service.

Walk up to establishments like schools, hotels, business ventures, churches, and banks. 

Tell them about your service and show them a short proposal describing what you do and what they stand to gain by patronizing you.

The proposal is the packaging. If you succeed and have about two churches having more than 300 congregations and some schools as your clients, you should know how much you are likely going to be making with that. 

Do not forget they will keep sending the messages periodically. Maybe twice a week, and you will always be the one doing it for them from your comfort zone.

There are several other things a corps member can venture into to make extra income but then, it doesn't always have to be about survival. 

You should also have a long-term plan. The service year could be a time for self-development. 

If you have no skill before the service year, you can skill up, you can sit for professional exams related to your course of study, and boost or add more value to your curriculum vitae.

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