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Reporting at Your PPA and Documentation at NYSC Secretariat cynthia Jul 15, 2022
NYSC PPA – How to Influence Your posting from Camp. cynthia Jul 13, 2022

NYSC PPA – how to influence your posting from camp is a question that is on the lips of all corps members. most especially, those who have tried to influence posting immediately after registration but it didn’t work.

How to Know Your Platoon cynthia Jul 4, 2022
Nysc Orientation Camps and Locations Nationwide cynthia Jun 28, 2022

NYSC orientation camps and location nationwide is an essential issue, especially for prospective corps members.

How To Start Life After NYSC Service Year cynthia Jun 27, 2022

How To Start Life After NYSC Service Year is something worth planning for ahead of your Passing out ceremony. Let me take you on a talk on how about Starting well!

Collection/Replacement of Certificate of Exemption cynthia Jun 21, 2022
NYSC Registration 2022 Guidelines and Requirements cynthia Jun 10, 2022
Correction of Date of Birth on NYSC Portal cynthia Jun 6, 2022

correction of date of birth on the NYSC portal is now possible. the scheme has made provision for this on your dashboard.

Commonly Available Jobs for NYSC Members. cynthia Jun 3, 2022

Commonly available jobs for NYSC members are jobs that do not require an NYSC discharge certificate. They can be gotten both online and offline.

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