My conversation with the Nigerian Graduate/Job seeker

My conversation with the Nigerian Graduate/Job seeker

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  2. WHY?
My conversation with the Nigerian Graduate/Job seeker

Me: So you want a Job

Graduate: Yes

Me: Interesting…

Graduate: I want to be a manager

Me: Really, so what will be your work as a manager

Graduate: I don’t really know. I just want to be a manager…

I have met a number of young Nigerian graduates recently and our conversation followed the pattern above. The truth is that the above conversation was put mildly because  some of the people concerned would likely be reading this.

Many graduates/job seekers just want a job, be occupied and earn a salary, not minding if the job would guarantee fulfillment or not knowing what value they can add on the Job.


I am a pharmacist by training. I finished with what I consider a good grade: equivalent of a second class upper. I however currently work for a Brand, Business development and Project management firm. I am not the organization’s pharmacist. I am in the business development department….HOW? WHY? 

2. WHY?

Getting a job as a pharmacist is probably one of the easiest thing to do in Lagos. So my reason for this is not because I had no choice. So this leads to my first question to you graduate. What do you want? If you were told to write a job description of your dream job, what would you love to do from 9am to 5pm. What would that be? 

I asked myself this question. My answer was like this. I would love to resume at 9, read for few hours, think and do some writing for few hours and have some discussions and intellectual exchange geared towards providing solution till close of work and get financial rewards while doing all this. My answer to my dream job description was just a combination of all my hobbies (smart one I think). And guess what? This is exactly my current Job description.

So before you step out on that job hunt, don’t just go for job titles. Think what your passions and interests are and how you can make a significant contribution to any organization.

This would help you stand out in the recruitment process, your resume and cover letter would not be plastic or generic. It won’t just look like that of any other person. It would stand out. Even during interviews, your uniqueness would be noted. The recruiters would know that you know what you want and what you are worth.

Perhaps, the best part of this is that you get to work on a job that allows you to do what you really enjoy doing. And I must tell you that this is one of the secrets to fulfillment and great wealth.


I want to leverage on technology by hosting a WhatsApp class. The date of the class would be fixed subsequently, but I would like to have just 20 people in the class for effectiveness. 

If you are interested or you know anyone that would be, kindly add me on WhatsApp with 07036570142. Send me a message introducing yourself and what you want from the class.

I would communicate the date and other details to you.

The class is absolutely FREE but for just 20 people.

I am Mamora Olaoluwa, I enjoy helping Nigerian graduates and job seekers clarify their  career  goals and help them get their dream jobs. I also help with guidance on how to write resumes, cover letters and how to develop the network they need to get their dream job.

I can help you and your friends
twitter: @mamora_olaoluwa
08050385476, 07036570142 
Let's talk...drop your comments below
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