Registration Commences for 2017 NYSC Batch B PCMs Soon

NYSC - National Youth Service Corps

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) registration for 2017 Batch B Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) commences Tuesday 24th October 2017 as specified in the timetable. PCMs are required to log into the NYSC portal, check their names on the senate list and register for their mandatory service year.

Notice for all NYSC 2017 Batch B PCMs

Registration can be done anywhere and at anytime provided the recommended thumbprint scanner and software with good and consistent internet service is available. Most cyber cafes across the country includes NYSC registration as one of their rendered services with a fee.

As usual, the NYSC 2017 Batch B Prospective Corps Members will be splitted into two streams: 2017 NYSC Batch B stream 1 and 2017 NYSC Batch B Stream 2. Early registration doesn't guarantee which stream you are assigned as this is randomly generated by the system. 

You are expected to choose four States in four geopolitical zones of the federation. There's no guarantee that you'll be posted to your first choice or any state of your choosing as the process involves a lot of factor. However, you can relocate from your state of deployment if you are not comfortable with it and have the requirements for relocation.

At, we wish you a smooth and stress-free registration as you are about to commence your camping and service year soon.


Submitted by Sekinah Sanni (not verified) on Oct 23, 2017

Please, I have question concerning upload. My name was uploaded with the batch A list Corp members but, I was unable to go, so I'll like to know if what I should do to be included in the batch B.
Submitted by Ademola Victoria (not verified) on Nov 3, 2017

The Nysc redeployment scheme was established based on three main factors, Marital or Health ground and recently added Security ground. But many of us only talk about redeployment if the state of deployment isn’t favorable to us or probably surrounded by life and death situation (Boko haram). Many corps members wants to redeploy to another state closer to home or if possible demobilized home, But what many don’t understand is the procedure to follow, who to approach, and on what grounds will a redeployment request be considered by NYSC board.i was opportune to meet with one of the redeployment officer Mr Rufus which in turn has helped a lot of people you can easily get redeployed/relocated to any state of your choice and your primary place of assignment call Mr Rufus now on 08159875076

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