Collection/Replacement of Certificate of Exemption

Collection/replacement of certificate of exemption is a vital issue for both home and foreign-trained graduates. This article will guide you on how to collect your exemption certificate and how to replace it if by chance it gets missing or burnt.

Before we proceed, what is an Exemption Certificate?

The NYSC exemption certificate is a certificate issued to anyone who has been exempted from serving in the National Youth Service Corps for any of the reasons listed in section 2 subsection (1) of the National Youth Service Corps Decree of 1993. When the NYSC Certificate of National Service is necessary, this certificate can be submitted in its substitute.

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1 )   Collection/Replacement of certificate of exemption.

Below are the requirements for collection/replacement of certificate of exemption. In accordance with the National Youth Service Corps Decree 1993 section 2 subsection (1) it is stipulated that;

"With effect from 1st August 1985, a person shall NOT be called upon to serve in the service corps if, at the date of graduation or obtaining his diploma or other professional qualification”:

1. He is above thirty (30) years old.

2. He has served for more than nine months in the Armed Forces of the Federation or the Nigeria Police Force

3. He is a member of staff of any of the following: 

  The Nigerian Security Organization, 

 The State Security Service, 

  The National Intelligence Agency, or 

 The Defence Intelligence Service.

4. He has received any kind of national honor.

As a result, these individuals are exempted from service and given Certificates of Exemption.


Nigerian graduates whether home or foreign-trained with the stipulated qualification of (B.SC, B.A, or HND) from an approved or accredited Institution by (NUC, NTBE, or NCCE) are eligible for an exemption certificate, however, foreign-trained graduates must submit their certificates to the Mobilization Department for evaluation.

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2 ) Process of Collection of Certificates of Exemption

2.1.    Home Trained Graduates

The Corps Producing Institutions are the starting point for the process.

1. The tertiary institutions to which you went. The school sends NYSC a master list of their graduates, as well as the Senate-approved outcome.

2. The NYSC classifies individuals who will be called up for service and those who will be exempt from service using a printout. This print-out is returned to the institutions for verification and corrections before being sent to NYSC as an agreed-upon/corrected document.

3. With the print-out, the Certificates of Exemption are produced, documented, and sent back to the Institutions for issuance to the appropriate persons.

4Collection of Certificate of Exemption for home trained graduates is only done in the Institution of graduation and not in the NYSC office. 

2.2.     Foreign-Trained Graduates

1. The review of credentials and other related documents, such as an international passport, begins the procedure.

2. Following the evaluation of credentials, the foreign-trained graduate is physically enrolled at the NYSC directorate headquarters in Abuja. The classification of who will be called up or who will be exempted is established at the time of registration.

3. Those who have been exempted during this process are issued Certificates of Exemption.

4. These Certificates of Exemption for foreign graduates must be picked up at the NYSC directorate headquarters at the time specified.

5. Please note that, depending on the date of registration, Certificates of Exemption are collected in three batches during the course of the service year. Exempted graduates will also be informed of this at the time of registration.

The bearer must be physically present while collecting a Certificate of Exemption. Identification, such as an international passport, is required. 

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3 ) Corrections/Complaints

Complaints and adjustments for home-schooled graduates should be directed to the graduating institutions. The school then sends such cases to NYSC with the relevant attachments, such as a photocopy of the printout, for future action.

Foreign-trained graduates must send a handwritten application with a photocopy of their international passport data page and the original Certificate of Exemption to the Director-General, NYSC NDHQ, Abuja, along with their address and phone number.

Replacement of Exemption Certificate

In the case of loss of Certificate of Exemption, the following steps are to be taken.

3.1. For Home Trained Graduates

 1. A letter of notification/request addressed to the Director-General, NYSC, and routed through the institution of graduation.

2. Police Report/Extract

3. Affidavit in Court

4. A copy of the lost Certificate of Exemption, if one is available.

3.2.  For Foreign-Trained Graduates

1. A notification/request letter addressed to the NYSC Director-General.

2. Police Report/Extract

3. Affidavit in Court

4. International passport photocopy

5. A copy of the lost Certificate of Exemption, if one is available.

 The Scheme does not reprint Certificates that have been lost or burned. In its place, Confirmation Letters are sent.

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4 ) How to print the NYSC exemption certificate

The process of printing the exemption letter is not complicated. First of all, visit the official NYSC site now that you have created an account, you must log in using your credentials and password. There, you will find an option to print your exemption letter. 

Lastly, foreign-trained graduates are no longer required to visit NYSC headquarters in Abuja to verify documents as in the past. Provisions for their verification have been made in camp. They are required to report to camp in their state of deployment with the original copies of documents they used for registration

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