How to do JAMB regularization for NYSC registration

How to do JAMB regularization for NYSC registration
How to do JAMB regularization for NYSC registration

It is compulsory for all graduates to be cleared by Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) to qualify for mobilization by the NYSC.

Students that were not admitted through JAMB will have to apply for regularization in order to register for NYSC mobilization.

The JAMB regularization for 2017 NYSC Registration is also called late application and it attracts a fee of N10,000.

The application steps are as follows:

  1. Create a Profile
  2. Make Payment
  3. Download and Print forms
  4. Append Signature by relevant authorities
  5. Upload printed forms

Students that needs regularization are:

  • those admitted through Pre-Degree programme (PDS) without JAMB registration number.
  • those admitted through JAMB mode but found no admission information on the JAMB website.
  • those admitted through institutions entrance examination without JAMB UTME registration number.

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To apply for JAMB Regularization for 2017 NYSC Batch A registration and mobilization, visit JAMB official site: and follow the instructions below;

Procedure/steps on how to do JAMB Regularization/Late Application

  1. You shall be required to create a profile via the Sign Up (New User) Page if you are a new user. For existing users, simply type in your login details.
    To create your profile,
    1. you will provide your valid email address,
    2. surname, first name,
    3. Mobile No,
    4. State and LGA of Origin and
    5. password,
    6. then click on the Sign Up button.
      Each candidate is entitled to only one profile.
      How to do JAMB regularization for NYSC registration
      JAMB regularization Sign Up Page


  2. Subsequently, you shall use your email address and password to sign in.
    How to do JAMB regularization for NYSC registration
    JAMB Login Page


  3. Once logged in, you will be taken to the landing page where you will see all available services.
  4. Select “Late (Retroactive) Application”. This is available on the side bar
  5. Once selected, the menu item “Late Application” will be revealed. Click this.
  6. Once you select this service, a Transaction ID is generated for this service. This will be displayed on the confirmation page screen.
  7. Review the details displayed on the Confirmation Page. Also, note the Transaction ID displayed in a bold red font. The Transaction ID is useful for all future references concerning the Transaction. A copy of this transaction ID will be sent to your registered email address.
  8. Click on the Continue button if you wish to pay with your card immediately. If you wish to use other payment channels like ATM, Cash at the Bank or Quickteller, please note the transaction ID as it will be required.
  9. On the Interswitch Payment page, enter your card details and click on the Pay button.
  10. The status of your payment will be displayed on the “My Payment Section” An SMS and email containing your unique Transaction Identification and payment status will be sent to you after payment. Click on the Continue button.
  11. Once payment is completed, you will be asked to provide the following:
    • Year of Exam and
    • JAMB Registration Number
  12. After entering the information correctly, the application form will be displayed. You are to fill the application form online. Please take note of mandatory fields.
  13. Click Submit to complete your application
  14. After submission, an Indemnity Form will be displayed for printing.
  15. This is to be filled and taken to your institution for Approval.
  16. Your institution will be responsible for submission of the approved form to the JAMB state office.
  17. Once received, the Approved form will be uploaded to your profile. You will receive a notification when this is done.
  18. JAMB will now process your application. If Approved, your details will be changed as requested.

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Reference: JAMB NG


Submitted by Bowoade Rosemary (not verified) on Mar 29, 2017

Pls help me check my admission status. Registration number is 26272657Fl. Thanks
Submitted by Victoria (not verified) on Mar 3, 2021

In reply to by Bowoade Rosemary (not verified)

If one passes through jamb and one's name wasn't on the jamb matriculation list and then you print your result slip and it indicates that you are on the jamb list, is the person good to go for NYSC registration?
Submitted by Aniekwu Amarachi (not verified) on Apr 20, 2022

In reply to by Bowoade Rosemary (not verified)

Pls is the jamb 2017 regularization portal open now..I want to do mine I checked my admission status it's saying no admission yet..
Submitted by smart (not verified) on Mar 30, 2017

Pls if I do the regularisation now, will I still meet up with the Batch A mobilisation.
Submitted by richie on Mar 31, 2017

In reply to by smart (not verified)

Probably yes. It depends on if your school submits your details to NYSC for mobilization.

Submitted by Saifullah Habe… (not verified) on Apr 5, 2017

Please i have jamb admission but i changed course in thesame school jamb gave me admission, do i need d regularisation?? Thanks!

As long as you have JAMB admission letter and number, you don't need regularization.

Regularization is for those that are not enlisted with JAMB.

If you have any challenges regarding your mobilization, contact your school.


Submitted by Moshood lawal (not verified) on Oct 10, 2018

In reply to by richie

I was mobilized for Nysc but it stated I already did my registration and which is not me that did the Nysc registration it said someone else already did it and the person was using my information
Submitted by Kelly Emeka (not verified) on Apr 6, 2017

Please my school (FUTO) offered me admission in Petroleum Engineering while JAMB offered me Geology in the same school.. I accepted the Petroleum Engineering.. Meaning I've been using the schools admission letter because that of jamb contains geology.. Please do I need to do the regularization?
Submitted by Clement (not verified) on Apr 18, 2017

In reply to by Kelly Emeka (not verified)

What you need to do is, contact your school so that you ensure that your data uploaded to NYSC is accurate (as in carries your correct course of study) goodluck...
Submitted by sandra (not verified) on Apr 7, 2017

Pleas i checked my admission status from jamb site and i have with ignatius ajuru university of education in 2012, do i still need to do regularization to get my admission letter?
Submitted by Halimat (not verified) on Apr 10, 2017

please, I'll like to know if I'll also need to do regularisation bcos my jamb admission letter is showing for another school and course and not the institution i attended. Thanks
Submitted by Clement (not verified) on Apr 18, 2017

In reply to by Halimat (not verified)

You do not need regularization provided your school is aware of the situation, they should handle that at that level by ensuring that you correct and accurate data are uploaded to JAMB...To be on the safe side contact your school to confirm your details if you can, otherwise there is nothing to worry about. Goodluck...
Submitted by david (not verified) on Apr 13, 2017

Please I requested for this regularization for close to two months now but still no response from jamb and time is running out...what should I do?
Submitted by Jude (not verified) on Apr 17, 2017

Hello I want to know if as a National Open Univeristy of Nigeria Student I'm qualified to get a regularzation form with my Jamb registration number from the frequent Jamb Exam I did before I was admitted to National Open Univeristy of Nigeria.
Submitted by Aisha (not verified) on Apr 18, 2017

please i did a jamb regularization and my school (LASPOTECH) has sent my form to jamb.but they are yet to send my jamb number of which I will need it for my NYSC registration which will commence on 20th of April and closes on 6th of may.and I went to jamb office to complain but they said i should wait till after three month.please what can I do enter your comment here
Submitted by Clement (not verified) on Apr 18, 2017

In reply to by Aisha (not verified)

The only reason for this may be that you started the process late and so your form arrives JAMB late...So you may wait for the next batch. Better still contact your school for further instructions...goodluck
Submitted by terrinike (not verified) on Apr 19, 2017

please, i got admission through basic from uniport computer science, that same year jamb gave me physics still in uniport, i took up the computer science, do i need the regularization?
Submitted by Clement (not verified) on Apr 19, 2017

In reply to by terrinike (not verified)

You are already enlisted with JAMB, you would only need that if you didn't switch to the computer science. Regularization is only for those who didn't pass through JAMB in their admission process...good morning!
Submitted by Terrinike (not verified) on Apr 19, 2017

In reply to by Clement (not verified)

Am not still clear, basic is pre degree, I got d admissions separately I mean d physics jamb gave me and computer science pre degree gave me , I don't know if I will still need to regularize. Thanks
Submitted by Clement (not verified) on Apr 19, 2017

In reply to by Terrinike (not verified)

If I got you clearly from previous comment, you said you were running a basic program @ uniport n you were also offered admission via JAMB in the same school in computer science which you graduated in. Now if that's the case you do not need regularization! But if you graduated with the course through basic program then you will have to regularised with JAMB.
Submitted by Terrinike (not verified) on Apr 25, 2017

In reply to by Clement (not verified)

I was mobilize with the jamb number I got physics , but I graduated with computer science that is the course I got through basic and I did my nysc registration, will there be any issue pertaining to this @ camp
Submitted by ADAUDO (not verified) on Apr 19, 2017

Submitted by frank (not verified) on Apr 19, 2017

my admission status shows AAU bt i graduated from Auchi poly do i still need to regularise my jamb ? Cus my name is on senate list already
Submitted by Maryanne (not verified) on Apr 19, 2017

Please I already paid for my regularization but up till this moment I haven't gotten any update. I made a complain to my school but I was ask to make an extra payment of same amount as the last one. What can I fo
Submitted by Ajayi Sunday T… (not verified) on Apr 20, 2017

pls did I need regularization I did jamb in 2003 before the jamb online registration starts and got admission to Niger poly and did my HND at another institution but by the time school uploaded my name it was reported that the registration number does not exist.
Submitted by Clement Nduonyi on Apr 25, 2017

In reply to by Ajayi Sunday T… (not verified)

If the JAMB registration does not exist, it means you were not offered admission with that particular JAMB registration number into the school, where you did your HND. JAMB only have your record for the school you did your OND. Meaning you will have to do regularization. Goodluck!!!

Submitted by ASHIWEL (not verified) on Apr 21, 2017

Please am graduating this year, can i register for jamb this year and use it for service? Thanks in anticipation
Submitted by Clement (not verified) on Apr 24, 2017

In reply to by ASHIWEL (not verified)

Yes! if its arranged by your school! Because your JAMB admission letter should reflect ur year of admission. That why its called regularization. If its just registering JAMB this year on your own, it is a NO! NO!!
Submitted by Isah Alfa (not verified) on Apr 23, 2017

I done the regularization last month, but till now i have not my jamb number. Pls what should i do next.
Submitted by Clement (not verified) on Apr 24, 2017

In reply to by Isah Alfa (not verified)

Please all you need to do is wait patiently for your regularization to be completed and always check with your school and JAMB portal for updates...The regularization process do take time, that's why it is better to start earlier!
Submitted by Terrinike (not verified) on Apr 25, 2017

Good morning, if your school mobilize you with a different jamb number and u register for nysc , will it affect me in orientation camp

No, you won't have any problem. NYSC only deal with prospective corps member base on the information provide for them by the corps member producing institutions. Goodluck!

Submitted by Terrinike (not verified) on Apr 25, 2017

Please , is the jamb admission letter need in camp for any clearance
Submitted by Clement Nduonyi on Apr 26, 2017

In reply to by Terrinike (not verified)

JAMB admission letter is not required in camp for any clearance.

Submitted by Balquees (not verified) on Apr 26, 2017

pls I did my ND in kogi state polytechnic n I was offered admission by jamb but now am doing my HND in kwara state I have to do regularization as well cos there is an error with my state of Origin. The state I fill for in jamb is different from d one am using now
Submitted by adam (not verified) on Apr 27, 2017

Pls I av jamb reg no: but I didn't used it bcus I did pt in my ND days, pls can I use it for nysc mobilization or I still need to regularized it .

You can't use it. You need to regularize since you didn't pass through JAMB into your ND program. Good luck!

Submitted by wahs (not verified) on Apr 27, 2017

I did Jamb in 2011 but they did not give me admission pls can I use it for nysc mobilization

NO! You can only use the JAMB registration number with which you were admitted for NYSC mobilization.

Submitted by Nwachukwu Vict… (not verified) on May 3, 2017

Good morning Sir. Pls I did my Jamb regularization on 21/04/17 but I have not gotten any message up till now. Pls what could be the problem.
Submitted by Clement Nduonyi on May 3, 2017

In reply to by Nwachukwu Vict… (not verified)

There is no problem with your regularization! Once JAMB is done with the processes, you will be contacted and on time. Don't panic.

Submitted by UKULA SAMUEL (not verified) on May 5, 2017

Good day admin. I got admission at FUAM in 2013 through Jamb but I went to polytechnic and right now, am doing my HND. Do I still need to do Jamb regularization? My jamb admission status is showing FUAM but am schooling at the Federal Polytechnic Idah.
Submitted by Clement Nduonyi on May 7, 2017

In reply to by UKULA SAMUEL (not verified)

YES! You will have to Regularize for NYSC mobilization. 

Submitted by Danny (not verified) on May 8, 2017

Good day admin, Pls, i was given admission by my school and not jamb. My name appeared on the senate list and i have completed my NYSC online registration...I've also printed my Green Card. Now, I want to know if there is need for me to do the Jamb Regularization? Pls, i need ur response because i don't know the implication of this...and i don't want anything that will hinder my Youth Service. Thanks a lot.
Submitted by Clement Nduonyi on May 10, 2017

In reply to by Danny (not verified)

The reason for the JAMB regularization is to get JAMB registration number for registration on NYSC portal. Without JAMB reg. no. you can't access your details on NYSC mobilization portal. So if you have been able to complete your registration on NYSC portal and have printed your green card then you don't have any problem. Get prepared for the orientation course.

Submitted by kazeem (not verified) on May 9, 2017

Please when is the deadline for Jamb Regularisation

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