7 Reasons to consider before joining a CDS group

7 Reasons to consider before joining a CDS group

The orientation camp always gives room for various CDS groups to promote themselves and recruit Corps members, but the truth is, a Corps member shouldn't be in a hurry to join any CDS in camp because He/She may later regret such decision.  

Deciding on a Community Development Service (CDS) to engage in could be confusing and it's a choice a Corper lives with throughout the service year. 

Having to choose a CDS group is not always the norm as in some states; the local government inspector does the assigning. But if a corps member is lucky and gifted the opportunity to pick, this article contains what such Corper should look out for to avoid mistakes or regrets.

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Below are seven (7) reasons to consider before joining a CDS group: 

1. Function or goal of the CDS Club: Every function or group is most times created with a goal. A Corper planning to choose from various CDS groups should be able to compare His/Her personal goals with that of the intending CDS group. This is very important in choosing a CDS group because for example, if a Corper hates soccer, joining Football CDS can only make He/She inactive in CDS activities. By their names you could tell its goals or/and functions to the host community. Click here to read about the various CDS groups in NYSC Scheme.

2. Activities of the club: Though we have breast cancer CDS club, it doesn't necessarily imply they conduct test on female breasts to check for cancer. Having an in-depth knowledge of the activities of the clubs is necessary in choosing a CDS club.

3. Proximity to resident: As awkward as this may sound, it's not good to overlook this unless Corper has a secondary source of income. Relying on Federal allowance and paying long distance fare to CDS is not ideal and in some cases not practicable.

4. Passion/Persona Compatibility: A corps member feels more comfortable in attending CDS meetings if the activities are relevant to Him/Her otherwise the experience becomes hateful. CDS could be fun but a Corper can only enjoy the fun if the activities suit His/Her persona. For instance a footballer joining football CDS club will be more satisfied than joining EFCC Club.

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5. Personal improvement: Service year could be used for personal development. A Corper who has no knowledge of ICT can benefit greatly in ICT CDS club by interacting and mingling with the ICT guys. Secondly, somebody that has issues socializing can find help in Entity CDS group

6. Professional/Career Development: Apart from the regular club activities, some club do host events to train their members on various career topics. Joining a CDS club with such initiative could be very beneficial professionally.7 Reasons to consider before joining a CDS group

7. Suitable vision to serve: Being in a CDS group where a Corper’s relevance is not known or potentials are not utilized could be disappointing especially if an exterior factor causes it. The basic thing about CDS is service. Community development service is the program by which we collectively or individually add value to our community. If the aim is defeated then it's no CDS.

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