Practical ways to earn extra money during NYSC scheme

practical ways to earn extra money during NYSC scheme

For a serving Corper, reliance on Federal and state (if paying) allowances could be difficult especially when one is serving in a State that doesn't pay much and you have many financial obligations. Financial independence could bring about increase of self respect and self love. Some corps members explore practical ways to earn extra money during NYSC scheme, while some others keep calling home for financial support.

Below are ways of earning/making extra cash income during service year and even after that.

Practical ways to earn extra money during NYSC scheme

Below are ways of earning/making extra cash income during service year and even after that.

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1 ) Private Lessons

This is a very common and convenience practice among Corps Members especially those teaching in schools. You can meet with parents and/or your principal to plan and schedule for extra lessons. Apart from the usual evening lessons, you can also plan for holiday classes.

You can opt to prepare students for JSSCE, WASSCE, JAMB Examination, NECO, GCE, Post-UME by arranging for a centre and collaborating with other Corpers

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2 ) Photography

If you have a standard still or motion camera, it's necessary to carry it along to your state of deployment. Events are hosted regularly and opportunities to earn extra income during weekends or when off primary duty are numerous.

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3 ) Writing

There are many opportunities for good writers. You can work conveniently as a freelance writer online by applying on freelancer or fiverr to bid for writing jobs. Apart from online writing jobs which may not be quite easy to secure, you can assist undergraduates write their project for a fee or write for local publications or journals and earn some cash.

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4 ) Agriculture

While in orientation camp, prospective corps members detest the thought of being posted to remote areas. Some will grudgingly accept it while some will lobby to be reposted to the city.

Serving in a local area has its advantages, one of which is access to fertile and cheap farm land. Some corpers do take advantage of this and invest in Agriculture.

Fish farm, Poultry farm, rabbit farm, crops planting, etc are kinds of farming corpers indulge in and they reap bountifully from such lucrative investment.

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5 ) Fashion Design and Tailoring

For those that acquire design skills or tailoring while in school or before starting school, this would really pay off. You can start by advertising your skills in various CDS clubs to your colleagues. I sew my clothes with a corper and he was quite good in his craft. Most people in my CDS patronized him.

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6 ) Digital Graphics Design

In the course of studies in school, you may have done graphics designs and become good at it. Don't waste such skills while servicing. be creative and promote it and you'll be surprised at what could become of it.

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7 ) Retail Sales

If you conduct a feasibility study in your environment, you can identify a need and satisfy. By so doing, you will earn extra cash income. you can deal on shoes, wristwatches, phone accessories, etc.

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8 ) Music Performance

For good singers and instrumentalist, you don't need to be told about making money with your talent. Musical events are very common especially in Southern Nigeria and your skills is quite lucrative.


There are severally other things a corper can venture in to make extra income but then, it doesn't always have to be about survival. You should also have a long term plan. Service year could be a time for self discovery and personal development.


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Submitted by Abasiofiok Joshua (not verified) on Mar 24, 2017

thanks 4 the nysc awareness of rules
Submitted by chuks (not verified) on Oct 16, 2017

I am a corper, I opened research website, which I use to support my 19800

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