Items you should take to NYSC Orientation camp

Items you should take to NYSC Orientation camp

Congratulations on your graduation from school and mobilization for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme. The unique thing about the NYSC scheme is that it is participated only by graduates. Before camp, so many people find it difficult knowing what to take and what not take to camp. NYSC-CDS has made it easy for you. Below are the Items you should take to NYSC Orientation camp and why you need them:

1. Camp Registration

As you emerge at the camp, there will be ongoing registration which would require you to have your NYSC Call-up letter (original and photocopies), Green card, Passports, School certificate (original and photocopies), Medical Certificate and every other thing you printed during the registration.

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2. Camp Wears

Your camp wears comprises of your on-and-off parade wears. 
For parade: Go with at least two pairs of a white top and short. You will be given, but do not rely on the given one as it may not be same size as you. We’ve had cases where fat people were given very small outfits. You could also help your self with a white tennis shoe.

Off parade: Sorry to break your hearts, your white up and down is your uniform throughout your stay in camp. The only exception to these is on bonfire night (that’s if it’s done in your camp) and Sundays. For those in awe of what bonfire is, it’s a time towards the end of your stay in camp when corps members are allowed to have party-like drills. So in other words, you need only few home wears. Just put clothes for Sunday and bonfire (Camp fire night).

3. Camp Stay

You will be required to take to camp your buckets, plates, cutlery, bed sheets, pillow and its case, mosquito net (though some camps are fumigated, you never can tell), drinking cup, torch light, slippers, Toiletries, Cardigan (optional).

4. Inner Man/Psychological 

NYSC camping is not a war preparation scheme, and also not eating a piece of cake. Many have gone through it which means there is nothing to be afraid of; just follow the rules and you’re safe. 

Either young or old (as some would deny being above 30), should come with their head band of ENDURANCE and their jacket of TOLERANCE. Yes! You have spent 4,5,6,7, or more years in school and you feel there no more the earth can offer when it comes to diversified beings i.e you have seen all types of persons; you will be surprised you’ve not, so be careful.

The type of training you will pass through may be new to you like the early wake-ups, marching, etc. You have to bring your A-game.

5. Feeding in Camp

NYSC feeds their campers. Nevertheless, a Corps Member could take additional fund which will be used at the MAMI-MARKET if he/she does not feel like eating the NYSC served meals. For those asking: what is MAMI-MARKET? MAMI is a mini market in every NYSC camp ground to help with any available personalized needs of a Corps Member during camping.

6. Learning

You are advised to have a pen and book. A written detail beats that first class brain.

Items you should take to NYSC Orientation camp

7. Flexing

AHA! This is the part many have been waiting for. Camp is a place you can finish your life’s savings if you so wish; there are always helpers. We’ve heard stories of how the male folks spend all their cash on the females and vice versa. Just be careful and take full responsibility of your actions.

8. Security

Any abnormality should be reported to the authorities in charge. For personal security, waist purse could do the trick. However, not all camps allow its use (especially during parade). But if yours do, it should house all your gadgets and necessities. Lock your bags before leaving for any programme.

1. Many of the listed above are sold in the MAMI MARKET
2. I know you might have heard stories that may probably have stirred up fantasies to what males and females do in camp; if you know what i mean. NEWSFLASH!!! The camps are now 24/7 heavily guarded and any defaulter is very well punished.
3. Don’t hold any lady responsible for enjoying your cash.

Note: In Camp, you are officially called "Otondo"



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Submitted byrichie onJan 28, 2017

NYSC has not officially fixed a date yet. When they do, we'll publish it.

Submitted bymike (not verified) onFeb 8, 2017

Those that are paramilitary graduates what are their roles in camp and what is the benefit of filling that you are a paramilitary or is it best to just go as a civilian ?

As a paramilitary graduate with knowledge of parade and military drills, you could save the soldiers the stress of training other graduates for the parade leads by volunteering for the role. So, the roles could be commanding parade or color party. The benefit would depend on the which camp you are and who the commandant is.

Submitted byAbdulrahman Ha… (not verified) onJul 29, 2017

May peace be upon you all. Please remain devoted to your Lord and shun away from things that's disruptive to your career; your cognitive mind at large. Best of luck.

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