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NYSC Lassa Fever Awareness Campaign richie May 16, 2017
Lassa frequently infects people in West Africa as it results in 300,000 to 500,000 cases annually and causes about 5,000 deaths each year.
NYSC as a metaphor for Nigeria richie Dec 20, 2016

The NYSC programme has been in the news lately following the death of three ‘Corpers’ across the nation. In most countries, tragic events like these would lead to a bout of soul-searching followed by reforms to ensure such deaths do not happen again. But Nigeria is not most countries.

I dislike the NYSC programme and think it is a waste of time and resources. But my reasons for not liking it are slightly different – I think it is an unfair way for government to spend money.

The NYSC write-up; ENDURANCE ballsygem Oct 1, 2016

Mr Musa a native of Jigawa had no choice of his family of birth who are farmers and his diligence in these major had no comparison. Animal husbandry in the hot atmosphere of Jigawa could be labelled “quintessence of endurance”; the chasing of cows, feeding them, feeling for them and also understanding them. 

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