All You Need to Know About NYSC PPA

All you need to know about NYSC PPA is vital information that every corps members need to know to act accordingly in their place of primary assignment. In this article, we will properly harness the above topic and help you conquer the second phase of NYSC.

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1 ) What is NYSC PPA?

Firstly, PPA is an acronym that stands for a place of primary assignment. This is where you are expected to render selfless service with dedication for a year of active service to your country. PPA is the second stage of your Nysc service year after your three weeks on various orientations camps in the country.

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2 ) All You Need to Know About NYSC PPA

For corps members, the orientation camp is the main part of  Nysc. You will realize this after camp. You get to understand that the camp was just the best and most fun part of the whole Nysc program.

During your PPA, you are expected to be vigilant, interact and learn from the locals with humility and as well make a lasting positive impact on those that will come across your way.

Are you a corps member preparing for Place of Primary Assignment (PPA), Below are activities that are needed to be done at various PPA postings.

Activities that go on in the place of the primary assignment are divided into two:

2.1. 1. What the employers need to do for corps members;

a. The employer must provide accommodation for the corp member containing a chair table and bed, or give money to the corp member to rent an apartment.

b.  The employer also will give the corp member transportation fair IF the house provided is too far from d place of work.

c.  The employer also must keep the corp member busy, not just accept him/her and sit down from morning till afternoon/evening. This does not mean that the corps member should be overworked.

d.  The employer must give a clearance form to the corps member every month without which the corps member can not thumbprint for the month. Remember that if you don’t thumbprint, you will not receive your allowance for the month.

e. the employer must relieve the corps member of all duties on his/her CDS day.   

2.2. 2. What the corps member needs to do at PPA

a.  Corp members will be assigned to each local government. They will register with the Local Government Inspector(LGI). After which you will head to schools, ministry, local government, or any company as contained in your posting letter.

b.  Corp member needs to write an application letter to travel before traveling through the employer/LGI to the state coordinator and must be signed & granted before going.

c.  Corp member has no right to dictate or beg the employer to give him/her a letter of rejection.

d.  Corp member has the right to collect all his/her entitlement (like accommodation, transportation, etc.) from the employer before starting work.

e.  Corp members must sign clearance between the 1st to 4th of every month from the LGI and from the 5th to 10th @ the state coordinator's office. Any late signing from the 11th will attract an extension of the service year.

f.  Corp member is entitled to collect 12 calender month ALLAWEE.

If you are rejected in your PPA, you don’t need to worry so much sometimes, it is an opportunity for you to choose a PPA of your choice even though it must be in the same local government.

Once rejected, look around for other PPAs around and take your letter of rejection to the secretariat. Submit it to the local government inspector or the corpers liaison officer(CLO) he will ask if you have any PPA in mind, if you don’t, you will be posted to another PPA by him.  

If you are accepted, you still need to visit the secretariat for documentation. For more information read also Reporting at your PPA and Documentation at NYSC Secretariat.

While at your PPA, you are expected to have the same right every other staff has. Therefore when you are treated equally with other staff do not complain. Signing in and out time is no different for you as a corps member.

As a graduate, you are expected to bring in so many great ideas that will improve the services of your firm. If it is a school, you are expected to pass on great values to the students as most secondary school students see corps members as role models.

You must be humble to your employer because he is the key to your monthly allowance. If your employer gives a negative report about you, you will not be cleared. If not managed properly, may lead to service extension.

Don’t get me wrong! if you are on your right, and your employer is giving you issues, you can report to the local government inspector and if he can not manage the situation he will get the zonal inspector involved. You are very important to NYSC and they will be solidly behind you if you are always on your best behaviour.

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3 ) Frequently asked questions about PPA

  1. 3.1. Is it my Responsibility to Seek PPA Myself?

No, your PPA will be contained in your posting letter. You can seek for PPA yourself if you are rejected by the PPA contained in your posting letter.

  1. 3.2. What are the Possible Places of Primary Assignment in the NYSC Scheme?

There are several places you can be posted to. Namely: schools, hospitals, local governments,  government ministries, and parastatals, etc. you can even be posted to private firms and banks on special occasions.

  1. 3.3. Why Would a PPA Reject me?

There are some reasons a PPA can reject you. They might have more corps members already, they may need a corps member but not one with your area of specialization, etc.

  1. 3.4. What is the Benefit of Getting Rejected?

Apart from the sadness that comes from being rejected, you are at liberty to choose a PPA of your choice. If you are so lucky, you might be posted to the secretariat- this means less work for you.

  1. 3.5. Am I entitled to a Leave or Break at my PPA?

Yes. You are entitled to the following leave at your PPA

  • Marriage leaves i.e if you are getting married.
  • Convocation: you can go for your convocation while serving.
  • Two weeks compulsory leave after camp to go home and bring your stuff.
  • And you also get a day every week for CDs activities.
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4 ) Conclusion

Working at PPA will be very strenuous but it is one of the cardinal points of NYSC so, to get your discharge certificate, you must pass this stage.

You must have heard that most employers don’t follow what is in the posting letter. Yes! Corps members get to rent their apartments and transport themselves to work. The good news is that if they don’t give you stipends monthly, at the end of your stay with them, you will be appreciated no matter how small especially if you contributed immensely to the growth of the place while you are there.



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