NYSC Nigeria States Allowances

In most cases you'll be told of how tedious and stressful camp activities would be but not much would be said about NYSC Nigeria States Allowances during your service year. A serving NYSC Corps Member receives State Allowance and Federal Allowance.

Apart from the State and Federal Allawii, there are various ways to make extra cash during service year.

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The Federal Government of Nigeria pays a Corps Member serving in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme a monthly allowance (popularly known as Allawii) of N19,800 (Nineteen Thousand Eight Hundred Naira only) for the Twelve (12) Months of the Scheme.

NYSC Nigeria States Allowances

In addition to the Federal Government NYSC Allowance, State of deployment do pay NYSC Corps Members serving there and the amount varies per State. Below is the list of State paying with the amount:

  • Abia State Pays N5,000
  • Adamawa Pays N0
  • Akwa Ibom State Pays N5,000
  • Anambra Pays N8500
  • Bauchi State Pays N0
  • Bayelsa State Pays N3,000
  • Benue Pays N0
  • Borno State Pays N1,000
  • Cross River State Pays N0
  • Delta States Pays N5,000
  • Ebonyi Pays N5,000
  • Edo Pays N0
  • Ekiti State Pays N0
  • Enugu State Pays N895 to those in Urban Area, N4,000 to those in Rural Area.
  • Fct (Abuja) Pays N0
  • Gombe Pays N0
  • Imo State Pays N0
  • Jigawa State Pays N5,000
  • Kaduna State Pays N3,000
  • Kano State Pays N0
  • Katsina Pays N0
  • Kebbi Pays N0
  • Kogi Pays N1,000
  • Kwara Pays N0
  • Lagos State Pays N15,000
  • Nassarawa State Pays N5,000
  • Niger State Pays N0
  • Ogun State Pays N0
  • Ondo Pays N0
  • Osun State Pays N0
  • Oyo State Pays N4,500
  • Plateau Pays N0
  • Rivers Pays N0
  • Sokoto State pays N5,000
  • Taraba State Pays N0
  • Yobe State Pays N2,500
  • Zamfara State Pays N3,000

Note: The amount listed above are the general payment or least amount an NYSC Corps Member receives in a Month. Medical Doctors earns as much as N150,000 per Month depending on the State in addition to the Federal Allowance of N19,800.



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