How to obtain a Medical Report for NYSC Orientation Camp

How to obtain a Medical Report for NYSC Orientation Camp

NYSC Management has requested that starting from 2016 NYSC Batch B Stream II, medical certificate will be a prerequisite for Orientation Camp Courses across the Country showing their health status before they will be registered and admitted for the Orientation course.

This development is coming after the NYSC Scheme lost three corps members in 2016 during orientation camps across the country.

As such, it is recommended you obtain a medical certificate from a Government owned or Military Hospital to avoid being scammed with a fake medical report.

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How to obtain a Medical Report for NYSC Orientation Camp Ensure the tests are carried out. Don't pay to falsify the data or buy fake medical report. Don't take chances with your health.

To Obtain a medical report:

  1. Go to the nearby Hospital
  2. Pay and open a file if it's your first time
  3. Submit your specimen at the Lab for the necessary tests
  4. meet the Doctor for other test
  5. Collect your test result

Good Luck!

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Submitted by orukpe johua e… (not verified) on Apr 6, 2017

please sir/ma,..for those of us who have not received our REG number, how are and what are we suppose to do? secondly, i want to confirm if the additional seven hundred fee extra is to be paid by practically every students.... i await the solutions to these questions. thanks
Submitted by obademi temida… (not verified) on Apr 7, 2017

any document from nysc office/portal to show in hospital. ( in hospital what is the purpose for that test and which one of the test u're expecting ). ve u done any test b4 then why are u expecting this.
Submitted by odekunle bukola (not verified) on May 7, 2017

Please what are the medical test that is really required of us to do?

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