NDLEA/DRUG FREE Club sensitizes students on Effects of Drug Abuse

NDLEA/DRUG FREE Club sensitizes students on Effects of Drug Abuse

In its bid to ensure that Sokoto state is a drug abuse free zone, the NDLEA/DRUG FREE CDS Club storms Royal Comprehensive Secondary School, angwua kosai phoenix village, Sokoto to sensitize them on The Effects of Drug Abuse on Nigeria youths.

The sensitization programme was held during the school break period as the pupils and students were gathered by Mr. clement who was acting on behalf of the principal.

NDLEA/DRUG FREE CDS Club Members: Comrade Kelvin, Emmanuel, Ifeanyi, and Mohammed shared with the students and pupils of the school on what drug abuse is all about, forms of drug abuse (legal and illegal forms), consequences and psychological effects of indulging in drug abuse, how to identify that one has abuse drugs and why they should desist from any form of drug abuse as future leaders of this nation.

Comrade kelvin introduced the NYSC CDS club after which he defined drug abuse and listed forms of drug abuse. He defined drug abuse “as the taking of drugs without medical prescription (self medication) it is also the intake (swallowing, injection, snuffing and inhaling) of hard drugs into the body to boost abnormal activities”.

Comrade Emmanuel continued with the programme in which he talked about consequences of drug abuse and drug trafficking and why they (student) should be vigilant as most of their age group are used as an instrument for moving drugs. Comrade Ifeanyi analysed the psychological effects of drug abuse.

Lastly, comrade Mohammed explained how to identify that someone has abuse drugs and gave a summary of the topic to the pupils and students.

At the end of the programme, Comrade Tochukwu gave a vote of thanks on behalf of NDLEA/Drug Free Club CDS. In response, The School Principal expresses her happiness and joy on the programme, and thanked the CDS group for their contribution, stewardship and stating also that they are welcome anytime to visit the school again….



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