6 reasons you should publish your personal/group CDS project

6 reasons you should publish your personal/group CDS project
6 reasons you should publish your personal/group CDS project

NYSC Community Development Service (CDS) has served as a programme for Corps Members to give back to their host communities and over the years the programme has been a success.

There have been stories of Corpers impact in communities, LGA and States. While few obtains awards for it, others are celebrated.

Before now, there has not been a documentation or repertoire of any sort for group or personal CDS and that's the gap nysc-cds.com intends to fill.

Below are 6 (six) reasons you should publish your personal/group CDS project:

  1. Positive Exposure: It takes a person of goodwill and care to try to impact and everybody knows this. If you are not announced, you will not be known. By publishing your personal cds project, you'll be exposed positively and could be favored. It's easy for a start-up company or an employer to see your contribution online and invite you to join his/her team.
  2. Verification: If you include your project on your CV or write or talks about it, having it published will make it easily verifiable. Published project can be conveniently referenced.
  3. Online Presence: As long as modernization is concern, the benefits of having a web presence cannot be ignored. Lots of people don't have online presence and those with generic names like Emeka, Igwe, Akpan, Oluyemi, Vincent, Mohammed, etc.. are not easily found. The effective way of having online presence is having contents related to you published often. Social account do help on this but not as strong as when attributed to something positive.
  4. Increases your chances of employment: Yes, it is no news that reputable firms do background checks and research on their prospective employee. They review your social media posts as well as conduct a google search on your name. When your CDS projects is published, it'll put you on positive note for your prospective employer to recruit.
  5. Repertoire: Should you loose pictures or details to theft, fire or anything, you could always retrieve them by simply going online.
  6. Motivation to other Corpers: When your feat is published and shared, serving corps members or prospective corps members will be spurred to want to emulate you. So, publishing your CDS project will motivate other corps members to contributing to national development.

At nysc-cds.com, you can publish about your project at no cost. Simply send the pictures and details of your personal or group cds project to us and it'll be online in a jiffy. 

Send by email to publish@nysc-cds.com

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