How to apply for NYSC Redeployment/Relocation

How to apply for NYSC Redeployment Relocation

It's normal to be anxious about NYSC call-up letter because the state of deployment may not be favorable or as expected. you may have asked how to apply for NYSC Redeployment/Relocation.

NYSC Management allows for redeployment/relocation to a choice state.

NYSC Redeployment/relocation are granted on any of the four conditions below:

  • Health
  • Marriage
  • Security
  • DG Directives

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When to Apply:

There are two ways to apply for redeployment: While in Camp and Online.

1. To apply for redeployment/relocation while in Camp:

During the NYSC Orientation course in camp, Corpers interested in redeploying/relocating will be given the opportunity to apply for relocation.

They'll have to fill a form stating reasons for wanting to redeploy/relocate and other details. An evidence will be required with the form submission as well as an application letter.

Requirement for Application for redeployment/relocation in Camp include:

  1. Application Letter
  2. Questionnaire stating particulars and reason for redeploying
  3. Evidence for reason to redeploy (e.g Marriage Certificate or Health Certificate)

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2. Online Application for redeployment/relocation:

Apart from applying for relocation in Camp, you can also do it online.

Steps in applying for NYSC Redeployment/relocation online

  1. Visit the NYSC portal
  2. Sign in with your email and password; same as the ones you earlier used in registering on the portal.
  3. Click on "Relocation"
  4. Fill in your details appropriately into the fields provided.
  5. Wait for notification either by SMS or email on your application status
  6. If your application is approved, you'll be notified by SMS or email as well.

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If your application is approved, here's how to print NYSC Online Relocation and Redeployment Letter: 

  1. Visit the NYSC Portal
  2. Log in with your details
  3. Select "Manage Relocation"
  4. Make payment
  5. Print your payment receipt. It's your evidence of payment in case any unexpected issue arises latter
  6. After payment you'll see an option to print redeployment/relocation letter
  7. Print the letter and make a copy
  8. Take it to your new State of deployment


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How to apply for NYSC Redeployment Relocation If you have questions, kindly leave a comment below and we'll respond.


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Submitted by Agu Agnes c (not verified) on Mar 27, 2017

After writing relocation letter, will I go to camp again?, because i am a disabled person

Which Batch are you?

For Batch A 2017, you'll have to apply for relocation in camp or online after camp.

Camp orientation course is compulsory unless you want exemption letter.

Submitted by Id Segun (not verified) on Jun 11, 2017

Pls I applied for relocation two months ago and my application is still saying Your application is being processed. Pls what should I do and when will redeployment list be out. Thanks
Submitted by Hassan Bayero (not verified) on Apr 13, 2019

In reply to by Id Segun (not verified)

I Hassan Bayero my state origin is Katsina state am relocated Kano state am camping in Yobe state patiskum my reason is that because of insecurity in Yobe state patiskum so I need to relocating me to Kano state thank you
Submitted by david (not verified) on Jun 18, 2017

hi i applied fro relocation, it has been approved and i've taken my letter to the state secretariat i want to know how i would get my new posting letter
Submitted by Adeshina Fatim… (not verified) on Oct 1, 2018

In reply to by david (not verified)

Hi, I applied for relocation, it has been approved and I've taken my letter to state Secretariat, have done the registration and they said i should check my PPA on my dashboard,I couldn't get it there since but some corpers that we both submitted they have gotten their PPA, I just want to know if there is away I can get mine, u should let me know
Submitted by Josh (not verified) on Feb 6, 2019

In reply to by Adeshina Fatim… (not verified)

can you please tell me the procedure and that space for uploading docs what do you upload there.
Submitted by Iheanacho Uche… (not verified) on Mar 25, 2020

In reply to by Adeshina Fatim… (not verified)

I want to Know whether my relocation letter was approved
Submitted by ovuoke (not verified) on Nov 3, 2017

do i get to choose the state and company to be redeployed to or the automatically choose one for me
Submitted by CHIDINMA (not verified) on Feb 23, 2018

I applied for relocation through the portal and its still saying in process do I need to go to my PPA or I should wait until they answer me.
Submitted by Khemm (not verified) on Sep 20, 2018

In reply to by CHIDINMA (not verified)

Please was it immediately after camp you applied for relocation or you reported to your PPA first?
Submitted by Jimoh Aminah (not verified) on Feb 27, 2018

I forgot to attach my files on my relocation portal on 5/02/18 when i applied (didnt know until this night,27/02/18). However, i was told at the secrétariat that i'll have to apply there too which i did on 12/02 and i submitted all of my documents there. I'm wondering now, hope the delay isn't from the omission?

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